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DBSA Longspeak  is a small but determined group. We set up informational/fundraising tables at King Soopers. We had many conversations with our community neighbors. We thank King Soopers for their help in donations and providing the space for us to set up a table. 

We get no funding except for Donations. We are all volunteers and have no paid employees. We are a nonprofit 501c3 and registered with the state of Colorado. Please consider helping and donate today.

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Firestone, Colorado

I was first diagnosed in 2006, and since then have had some real tough times, just as all do with this disease. One of the things that helped me through these tough times has been local DBSA groups. I found these groups through the years are invaluable and necessary for my overall mental health.  For a while, I made a 34 mile round trip once a week to attend a group. I had to go without a group for a while and then one started up very close to home.  I did not realize how much I had come to rely on groups until I did not have one to go to.  Thankfully the groups had given me many skills to keep me going during that time. Sometimes though, when things are real rough, we tend to forget what we have learned. This is when DBSA groups can really benefit.


Recently I had a pretty rough time for about six weeks and group was vital to my getting through it. So what did the group members do? Nothing earth - shattering.  No new skills imparted.  They just listened, commiserated, empathized, understood, and were just there. There is great comfort in knowing you can say what you need to, talk about just about anything and know that someone there has been through something similar or has had thoughts just like you have. They understand you better than most anyone else can, sometimes better than we do ourselves, better than our own family. There may not be anything they can do to help your particular situation but just knowing there are others that truly understand is very valuable.


What about the times we are doing well, when we are not having a difficult period?  That is when groups can be even more beneficial because we are now in a position to help someone else.  We are now able to listen, understand, empathize and just be there for another. Maybe we can now impart some gem that assisted us to get through an especially trying time that they now can use.


DBSA groups are one of a number of things that can help us. Things like medications, talk therapy, and coping skills are also tools we use. Had I not been already convinced that groups were beneficial, after my last crisis there would have not been any question.  I firmly believe that group attendance was what kept me from being re-admitted to the hospital because I was really close to checking myself in.


Because a DBSA group has been such a great assistance for me for many years, and disseminates such beneficial information and skills, I hope to someday become a Facilitator myself.


Firestone, Colorado

Hi, My name is Laurie and I have Bipolar disorder. At first I thought I was doomed, but now I realize it is a part of my creativeness. With acceptance, treatment, hard work and the help of the support group, I am able to lead a full happy life. I greet everyday with the challenge of leading life differently than most everyone, but it is a part of what makes me an individual. I use my support group still, as I go down the journey of life. I have my own special rollercoaster, which has become speed bumps. My group rides with me as life takes me on my own journey. Life's journey is not a bed of roses, but my group helps me stop to smell the roses along the way. This makes life manageable and I can enjoy the unexpected. Together life's journey can be an adventure!! Life is a rollercoaster, but I can live it!!!

    My group has been a constant support to me through the hard times and the joyous times. They constantly help cover for me when I take on more than I should. They encourage me and help me recognize the mood changes and make suggestions and always encourage my contact with my doctors as needed. They keep me grounded. I would not be where I 'm at without my group!

     I continually want to expand my skills to help everyone reach their goals and dreams. The more I do,  the hope of less Stigma is always a possibility. It all started with a DBSA support group that understood my struggles. Thus I can say I would not be here with out my group!!!  



Firestone Colorado 

I'm  Becky. I was diagnosed with bipolar, PTSD, and Social Anxiety Disorder around 1996. I've had many ups and downs.  In the begining I was hospitalized, both in and out patient. However I wanted to get better. I prayed to God to get better. So, I believe he sent help. I found great therapists who taught me great coping skills. In IOP (intensive Out Patient), I learned DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) skills. I found a great psychriatrist who got me on track with right kinds of medications. Finally I found this great support group. Longspeak DBSA offers great support, a place where I can go and share with others who understand what I am going through, and where I can learn more coping skills. I have been in recovery for about 2 years now. I am a Certified Peer Specialist. I am a little more social with the help of my service dog and I have HOPE.  

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